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Sourcing Information

Tipsy pies uses palm oil in our crust recipe. The use of palm oil has enabled us to eliminate all artificial trans fats and preservatives from our dessert pies.

Tipsy pies sources palm oil from growers that are committed to environmental and community sustainability. These practices include such areas as:

  • Forest and biodiversity preservation
  • Labor protections, human rights
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Traceability of inputs and supplier scorecards
  • Support for cooperatives and smallholders

For more information on the two palm oil suppliers used by tipsy pies and their commitment to sustainability, please visit their respective pages on the topic:
Bunge: https://www.Bunge.Com/sustainability/palm-oil-sourcing-policy
Aak: https://aak.Com/sustainable-growth/responsible-sourcing/responsible-sourcing-of-palm/

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