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Pie Praise

Comments sweet as pie! Pie fans, my heart is so full. Thanks for all your love and support!
  • "I have a simple statement when I eat something from my childhood that is spot on. It has only happened 4 times....but I should have known it would be the 5th today. Its like being 5 again at Grandma's! Thank you so much. Cant wait to taste everything else.* *rosesettes are spot on too* Only difference was my grandma's and aunts had a contest of who could make them all the thinnest. Thanks again!"

  • "I have become an "official" Rustic Pies of Stillwater Taste Tester. But, I also purchased a pie few days ago. Sara surprised me by making her infamous Irish Whiskey Apple Pie and my oh my was it delicious! I enjoyed a lengthy visit with Sara as she creatively baked her "pie pals" and a new fresh peach creation. She is an artist when it comes to the final touches and love she sprinkles before they bake. They almost seem like they are sewn together with love and then put in the oven. My husband & I enjoyed hoarding the pie so that our girls never got a chance to try it, lol. We gave them cookies instead! I was amazed by the light flaky crust & the way that the flavors seemed to melt in my mouth. It tasted just like a really fine apple cider! Warmed up with a little whipped cream and I was in heaven! The pie pals are great little teacher gifts or just individual sized portions & they are so cute!! You won't be disappointed if you are ordering from Sara...she is an amazing baker :)" – Laura

  • "MNBeerActivists It was great, thanks Sara Higgins Hayden! Be sure to check out Rustic Pies of Stillwater. Pie + beer = awesomeness!"

  • "Hi Sara, I have been meaning to tell you how delicious your 2 Ginger Whiskey Apple pie was. We had it for Thanksgiving dinner and my entire family just raved over it! And....someone had brought a different apple pie which hardly got eaten :-). That pie looked soooo lonely. Thank you for sharing your gift of baking with us. You Rock!" – Toni Malone

  • "Had some of your mini pies at my work the other day that someone brought in. Haven't been able to stop thinking about them since! I'll have to bike over to Stillwater from MPLS to get some more this summer!" – Alex I 

  • "Sara, you and Sandi Oh's were the HIT of the event! We had so many compliments about your pies, we definitely hope that you to participate again next year!!" – East Side Wine Tasting

  • "OK so I am not a real pie person. Too many years of having not good pie crust. Well I was in the Marine store today and purchased two of your little pies. I got the three gingers one and the salted caramel. My husband and I shared them, warmed, with vanilla bean ice cream. OMG I have arrived! It was delicious! I mean really, really good. So I first off want you to know that." – Nancy Lynch

  • "They are amazing!!! My husband says we can't drive by there any more because we have stopped there so many times lately!!!! I was not a big apple pie fan either but I LOVE them!!!!!!!!"

  • "Those pies are the best. What a great flaky crust and wonderful taste of the Lift Bridge - Chestnut Hill Apple pie. Yum, yum, yum. Keep up the great work, Sara." – Karen Torgersen

  • "Best crust I have ever had!" – Ann Jorgenson

  • "I'm in LOVE with the drunken pumpkin pies!!!!" – Gary Love

  • "Sara, Thank you SO much for all your help with deserts for our shoot!! They were SO super cute and the tasted amazing!!! :)"

  • "Your rhubarb pie is ridiculous. Oh. My. God. I am swooning over here!"

  • "Bought some of your pies today at grocery store in Marine on the St. Croix. Let me just say fabulous and we will be back again very soon for more!" – Carol

  • "Thank you so much for making all those tipsy pies for our wedding this past Saturday. They were a huge hit!!" – Kevin

  • "You're the kind of business we need more of in this country." – Eric Colleary  @AmericasTable

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